competition 2022

Capture The Flag

Competition Overview Attention pentesters! Flex your skills in this new edition of Capture the Flag (CTF) organized by Glocal After School. This is an information security […]

On-Site Art Competition

Competition Overview: We all have dream destinations that have captured our interest and a piece of our hearts. Some of these places have been on our […]

Vlog Making Competition

Competition Overview:  The trend of Vlogging is on the rise. This versatile medium of producing video content offers a lot of opportunities to anyone interested in […]

Domestic Tourism Photography Competition

Competition Overview: A great travel picture is one that tells a captivating story. A good photo must be engaging to a viewer and must be able […]

Latte Art Competition

Competition Overview Coffee culture is beautiful and on the rise in Nepal. Coffee communities all around the globe swear by this beautiful drink that flows across […]

National Case Study Competition 2022