Data Science Workshop

Why take this workshop on Data Science?

    • This is the age of data and data science is the primary vehicle of this age; touches the lives of almost every person.
    • This workshop helps to build your skill on data analytics as they provide unprecedented opportunities to not only transform business processes and increase productivity.
    • Data science is one of the growing fields. It has become an important part of almost every sector. It provides the best solutions that help to fulfill the challenges of the ever-increasing demand and maintainable future.
  • As the importance of data science is increasing day by day, the need for a data scientist is also growing.

Course Overview:

Data is one of the important features of every organization because it helps business leaders to make decisions based on facts, statistical numbers and trends. Due to this growing scope of data, data science came into picture which is a multidisciplinary field. It uses scientific approaches, procedure, algorithms, and framework to extract the knowledge and insight from a huge amount of data. The extracted data can be either structured or unstructured.

Data science is a concept to bring together ideas, data examination, Machine Learning, and their related strategies to comprehend and dissect genuine phenomena with data. Data science is an extension of various data analysis fields such as data mining, statistics, predictive analysis and many more. Data Science is a huge field that uses a lot of methods and concepts which belongs to other fields like information science, statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Some of the techniques utilized in Data Science encompasses machine learning, visualization, pattern recognition, probability model, data engineering, signal processing, etc. The Data Science Workshop therefore focuses on building up your practical skills

Committed to level up the data skills and knowledge across organizational in a practical, engaging and sustainable way. This workshop provides a venue for innovation data science skills that solve business and societal problems. Know about the theoretical and methodological foundation to data science. Data scientist are the future of the world. Thus, a data scientist must be capable of providing great solutions which meets the challenges of all the fields. To perform this, they should have proper resources and systems which help them to achieve their goal.

Skills You’ll Learn:

Coding Skills

Technical Skills


Date: 26th March, 2021

Time: 2:00PM- 4:00PM

Venue: King’ s College

Workshop By: Young Innovations

The registration for this workshop has been closed this year. We encourage you to explore and register for other workshops & case studies at Skill Week 2021.