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Culinary Journey from the Chef’s Table

Welcome to the Culinary Journey from the Chef’s Table 2023 Why take this workshop? If you love eating, you will enjoy preparing food. If you are […]

Bakery Workshop

Welcome to the Bakery Workshop 2023 Why take this workshop? Cupcakes & fruitcakes can be prepared from a variety of formulations and can be decorated with […]

National Case Study Competition 2023

Welcome to the National Case Study Competition 2023 Registration Deadline 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds Introduction to the Competition. National Case Study Competition, […]

Akshyar-Art Camp (Art & Literature)

Why take this workshop? Through this workshop, the participants will be able to explore the sensation of Art and Literature that is revolving around us in […]

Skill Fest

Skill Fest: The Joy of Learning Skills! Are you looking for new skills to add to your repertoire or looking for a way to connect them? […]

Human Library

Cyber Security Skills

Why Take This Workshop? Understand different cyber security threats that are on the rise. Know how you can protect your sensitive data such as personal data, […]

Capture The Flag

Competition Overview Attention pentesters! Flex your skills in this new edition of Capture the Flag (CTF) organized by Glocal After School. This is an information security […]

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Why take this workshop? This workshop will introduce the participants to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, Startups, networking, its importance, and much more.  This workshop will be […]