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Art and Culture

The arts are vitally important to Nepal’s future. We have an important story to tell, and we need highly skilled artists, performers, technicians and administrators to take our story across the nation and around the globe. The arts are being restructured by digital change – bold new technologies are being used to create, to perform, to engage and to distribute. This is an exciting place to be, and you’ll be amazed at the career choices available to you.


News Writing Workshop

Why take this workshop on News Writing Workshop? It is a workshop that focuses on the basics of news gathering and news writing, through teaching and […]

Theatre Workshop

Why take Theatre Workshop at Skill Week 2021? Theatre workshop is the concept of education that allows a space for dealing with sensuous impressions, examining knowledge, […]

Script Writing Workshop

Why take script writing course? Creative writing can never happen without imagination. Screenwriter, therefore is half a filmmaker. The most ordinary word, when put into place, […]

Prospects of Filming & Performing

Why take workshop on Prospects of Filming & Performing? Whether your passion is acting, directing, producing, writing or film-making, you will gain an all-round understanding of […]

Happiness Workshop

Why to take Happiness Workshop? Boost our immunity through yoga, pranayama and meditation. To have a relaxed and focused mind. To boost your productivity and efficiency […]

Calligraphy Workshop: An Art of Handwriting

Why take Calligraphy workshop? There's joy in creating something beautiful, stylish, sometimes majestic, letters using the art form from the trained movement of the hand that's […]