Skill Week

What is Glocal Skill Week?

Skill week is an open platform for youth to boost their insights, creativity and learn through a reality check world delivering some exciting opportunities to ensure youth to develop the right skills they need to succeed in the changing labor market.

It is a week full of events, creativity, skills, inspirations, insights. This is a week dedicated to performing workshops related to different skills, skill shows, learning hubs, and sessions along with entertainment components making this an infotainment week honoring the skills. Skill Week is dedicated to creating a skill practice; embracing and reflecting the diversity, quality, and opportunities within the nation, and overload youths with full of youthful insights and learnings honoring the skills.

Why to participate in this event?

If you want to explore- engage- educate in the field of different skills which will help you to choose career or help to know about the skills, importance and scope in the labor market.

When is the event?

The event will begin from March 31 – April 8, 2024

Who can apply for the event?

This is an open platform for youths, however, the event targets to those who belong to the age group of 16- 30 years.

How can we attend the workshop?

The workshops will be organized both online & offline. You will be notified about the venue or online timings to join the workshop later via emails & calls.

Do we need to pay for the workshop?

All of the events are free to participate except CEO Unplugged where there is some registration charge for which you can visit the official website

What are the selection criteria for the participants?

First come first serve basis.

Can I register for multiple workshops ?

Yes, participants can register for different events as per their interest, but we suggest to go through the date and time as there might be parallel workshop going at a time.

Can I register for multiple competitions?

Yes you can register for multiple competitions.

Why do we need Skill Week ?

Nepal continues to experience an increase in demand for skilled labor, which requires increased workforce participation, increased skill attainment and the employment of attraction and retention strategies. A major issue prevailing is the complain of employers not getting people for work and youths complaining for not getting jobs.

A large part of addressing this issue is providing ample information about the career and training possibilities and opportunities that are available. Skill Week aims to raise the awareness of the diversity of training and career opportunities available, pathways into training and education, and the importance of skills to today’s businesses.

What is the outcome of Skill Week ?

Glocal Skill Week will bring together a wide range of stakeholders from across the valley to share their perspectives on Skill Training and its role in the future of work. The Week will promote a way to help young and adult learners discover their talents and as a smart choice that leads to high-quality jobs and increased employability. The event will develop an understanding to the future of Vocational Education: how it will develop and what changes it brings.