Skill Week

सिपले सम्मानसिपको सम्मान

Is your or someone’s skill story inspiring and motivating to others?

Investing in skills is essential for both professional and personal development, whether you’re focusing on developing the skills required to stand out in a pool of job candidates or learning something completely new to prepare for a role, industry, or personal hobby. Today’s market seeks to mobilize new generations’ ambitions and skills in order to build a better future for themselves and the world.

We believe that recognition is an incentive that Change Makers deserve, and the Skill Hero Award is a platform for honoring individuals who have achieved success through the use of their skills. The Skill Hero Award is back to honor and recognize individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to skill advancement by implementing relevant and result-oriented skill development.

The Skill Hero Award is an annual award ceremony that recognizes notable figures in four categories:

In addition, we have introduced new category – APPRENTICESHIP that honors the dedication and perseverance of individuals who have chosen to embark on a journey of skill development through hands-on experience and mentorship.

Finding one’s calling &

Honing one's skills

To mastery can take years, if not decades.

This award happening on 8th of April, 2024 is intended to recognize such exceptional individuals for their contributions to skill attainment in their respective fields. Entries for this award are screened by a jury of experts and 4 winners from respected fields are recognized as “Skill Hero 2024“.

Deadline: March 17, 2024.


  • Should be a Nepali Citizen.
  • Should have a minimum of 7 years of work experience.
  • Should have demonstrated skills & expertise working in the sector of Skill Promotions.