Skill Week

Welcome to the Branding Yourself Workshop 2024

Why Take this Workshop?

  • Understand the role of Personal Branding in entrepreneurial success.  
  • Comprehend the essence of a unique value proposition.  
  • Harness social media to establish a strong digital presence and amplify your brand.  
  • Learn to use email as a marketing tool. 
  • Navigate legal and ethical considerations in personal and business branding

Workshop Overview:

Your brand defines and promotes what you stand for as an individual—it’s the reputation you carry on your sleeves. 

Personal branding is essential for young entrepreneurs aiming to distinguish themselves and succeed authentically. This workshop explores the significance of personal branding, emphasizing its power to attract abundant prospects and foster lasting connections for both you and your brand. The workshop equips individuals with strategic branding skills, covering core concepts, defining unique value propositions, and establishing a compelling online presence aligned with personal values and long-term goals. This workshop provides a practical roadmap for entrepreneurs to craft and refine their  personal brand through interactive discussions, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies. 

Skills You’ll Learn:

  • Self-Discovery, Positioning, and Branding.
  • Online Presence Enhancement.
  • Networking Strategies.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Ability to comprehend

Date: 6th April, 2024

Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Workshop By: Ms. Pooja Dangol, Training and Development Professional

Venue: King’s College

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