Skill Week

Welcome to the Employability Prospects in Nepal 2023

Why take this workshop?

  • If you are unsure about what to do next and want to explore the possible routes for your future career, then you should attend this workshop to understand the employability prospects in Nepal.
  • If you’re looking for an internship or your first job after graduation but don’t have much work experience and are tired of sending CV and cover letter already with no replies but want to learn how you can tailor it to your next job application to increase your chances.   Then this workshop is for you. 

Workshop Overview:

Employability prospects workshops are designed to help individuals improve their employment prospects and increase their chances of finding a job. These workshop cover a variety of topics, including resume writing, job search strategies, and interview skills. They will  also include information on how to identify and target potential employers, how to create an effective cover letter, and how to negotiate a salary. Employability prospects workshops can be helpful for those who are seeking employment or looking to transition to a new career. They can provide valuable resources and guidance on how to effectively market yourself to potential employers and stand out in a competitive job market.

Skills You’ll learn:

  • Improve Performance.
  • Minimize Errors.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Adaptability.
  • Decision making.

Date: 15th March

Time:11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Venue: ACE College

Workshop By: Jobs Dynamics

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The registration for this workshop has been closed this year. We encourage you to explore and register for other workshops at Skill Week 2023.