Skill Week

The registration for this workshop has been closed this year. We encourage you to explore and register for other workshops & case studies at Skill Week 2022.

Why take this Graphic Designing Workshop?

Get introduced to the building blocks of Graphic Design such as image-making, typography, composition, and working with color and shapes. 

Learn about the opportunities for freelancing in this industry.

Workshop Overview

The foundation of every visual medium is the fundamentals of design. Understanding the essential elements, including line, shape, form, texture, and balance, is important to create simple visuals from scratch. Graphic Designers are visual artists who create concepts by hand or specialized graphic design software to communicate ideas and information. As the use of graphic designs increases over time, the demand for skilled graphic designers is also on the rise. Sectors such as online media, print media, and advertising agencies continuously need graphic designers. The focus of visual communication isn’t just vital in the professional landscape; even in academia, understanding this has become basic.

Facilitated by Everything Creatives, this workshop attempts to introduce you to the fundamental principles of graphic design, equip you with the design process, and expose you to the language and skills of the design industry. This course is for anyone willing to explore the creative field and boost their career prospects at a young age.

Skills you will learn

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Design Theory

Design Process