SPA and Wellness: Globally Demand Career

If we just stop what we are doing and think about our lifestyle. In this modern lifestyle and hectic schedule, we neglect that our body needs proper rest. In the verse of competitiveness, we are so lost that we never give a second thought about pampering self and we often take our health for granted. Many studies have proved that spa and wellness services actually lower blood pressure and alleviate pain from our bodies that we think will go with time. A proper massage in a spa improves the blood circulation in our body which is extremely important for our health especially when we treat ourselves as a race horse trying to get to the finishing line. No matter the profession we are engaged in a housewife, an athlete, an employee, an entrepreneur or a volunteer, all our jobs exhaust us to an extent which we tend to ignore or are so used to with it that we don’t even bother to find a solution. It is very important to take the monotony in our life and set our mind and our body off such life and take a day to ourself so it does not hamper our life in long run. A spa day not only help you to revive your health but refreshes your mind to perform better. When people are seeking for a solution in this century of viral diseases and non-communicable diseases. Spa can be the perfect solution. If not why would the demand for spa escalate worldwide? Yes, not just here in Nepal but if you see the trend of spa visitation, it is on the pick.

Every year many new visitors are joining spa because people are slowly developing the habit to take time for themselves which is a big news for us in the industry. Spa and wellness is not a luxury but indeed a need. Keeping that in mind and also spa and wellness have a good pay for running the lifestyle which will help many families to uplift their lifestyle along with their health. If we think carefully it is a win-win situation both health and money is hard to find in a career. Also, it is not just limited to Nepal but it can go beyond boundaries where demands are even higher. If you see the big picture, spa and wellness is the next viral trend.

Date: 24/01/2020

Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Venue: Tranquility International Beauty and Spa Academy

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