Alumni Workshop

Akshyar-Art Camp (Art & Literature)

[fc id=’96’][/fc] Why take this workshop? Through this workshop, the participants will be able to explore the sensation of Art and Literature that is revolving around […]

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

[fc id=’89’][/fc] Why take this workshop? This workshop will introduce the participants to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, Startups, networking, its importance, and much more.  This workshop […]

Developing Leadership Skills and Campaign Development

[fc id=’88’][/fc] Why take this workshop? A workshop for youth people who always wants to raise their voice for a better and safer community in terms […]

Developing Communication Skills

[fc id=’87’][/fc] Why take this workshop? This workshop will give participants an introduction to communications. Participants will learn about the basics of idea sharing, confidence, speaking, […]