The global economy is changing, and Nepal’s business, education and training sectors must be ‘future fit’ to grow into the future. Social media engagement, data analytics and digital technologies are changing the way we work, and Nepal’s businesses, financial institutions and other organizations need professionals with modern skills to keep pace. This is an important industry to be involved in, and you’ll be amazed at the career choices available to you.


Ideas into Reality

Why take this workshop? All well-established businesses started with a great idea. This workshop will help you identify your business model and guide you evaluate, develop […]

Nexus Between Policies and Entrepreneurship

Why take this workshop titled- Nexus between Policies & Entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship and small business development are the heart of many countries economy, and countries that give […]

Human Centered Design Workshop

Why take this Human Centered Design workshop? Human-centered design is an up-and-coming innovation framework that essentially works as an extension of the design thinking process. This workshop […]

Workshop on Digital Entrepreneurship

Why take this workshop on Digital Entrepreneurship? This Workshop will focus on the Digital Entrepreneurship and how we can inspire "traditional" small businesses to turn more […]

Career Workshop on Agile Mindset

Why take this workshop? Cultivate the agile thinking from the early stages of the transformation. Foster an agile mindset and understand the meaning of the agile […]