Case Study of Nabil Bank

The establishment of Nabil Bank marked an era of customer-centric banking in Nepal, setting a milestone in the development of the financial services industry in Nepal. Established in 1984 AD, Nabil Bank set forth a culture of service excellence with innovative products and services in an otherwise basic financial intermediation constricted to limited products and services, virtually non-existent technological intervention, and limited public access to financial services. Setting forth a paradigm shift in the way banking is delivered in the domestic market, Nabil is righteously credited for its pioneer role in shaping up a banking culture that has its core built around service excellence, is driven by technology, and garnered through product innovation.

The case study of Nabil Bank will be done focusing on Aligning and strengthening corporate responsibility strategy.

Date: 27th March, 2021

Time: 12:30PM- 1:30PM

Venue: King’s College

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