Making Drama & Theatre – The Basics

Why take this workshop? This workshop will give participants an introduction to the vivid world of theatre. Participants will learn about the basics of Theatre, Stage […]

Script Writing Workshop

Why take this scriptwriting workshop? The workshop will provide you with an introductory guide to writing powerful scripts, build the skill of understanding the elements of […]

Online Happiness Workshop

Why take Happiness Workshop? Boost our immunity through yoga, pranayama and meditation. To have a relaxed and focused mind. To boost your productivity and efficiency for […]

Handwriting Workshop

Why take this workshop? Handwriting is a means of expressing language, just like speech, and it also leaves a lasting trace. Some call it ‘Language by […]

Digital Storytelling Workshop

Why take this workshop? This workshop on storytelling will help you build a meaningful connection with other people, by enabling you to be a more clear […]