Cyber Security Skills

[fc id=’92’][/fc] Why Take This Workshop? Understand different cyber security threats that are on the rise. Know how you can protect your sensitive data such as […]

The Role of Digital Payment

[fc id=’79’][/fc] Why take this workshop? Learn how digital payments work and explore easy-to-use digital payment solutions for all sectors. Learn about the role of digital […]

Web Deployment in Cloud

[fc id=’78’][/fc] Why Take This workshop? Understand the world of cloud computing which is one of the biggest technology revolutions in the IT industry. Set yourself […]

Useful Excel Tricks to Beginners

[fc id=’77’][/fc] Why take this workshop? Excel is one of those tools that are needed in all professions and the lack of knowledge of it can […]

Learning to Navigate Our Sky

[fc id=’71’][/fc] Why take this workshop? Learn some trade secrets from the world of amateur astronomy that should help you find your way around the sky. […]

Graphic Design Fundamentals for Beginners

[fc id=’69’][/fc] Why take this Graphic Designing Workshop? Get introduced to the building blocks of Graphic Design such as image-making, typography, composition, and working with color […]

Django for Beginners

[fc id=’68’][/fc] Why take this workshop? Django, the popular Python-based web framework, is suitable for total beginners as well as for professional programmers looking for a […]