Hackathon Competition


Glocal After School (venture of Glocal Pvt. Ltd.) in association with Genese Cloud Academy is organizing a Hackathon competition for the Skill Week event 2021. The open competition is being organized to provide a platform for passionate individuals to showcase their skills & collaborate to solve any problem using computer programming. Any interested participants aged between (15-30) can participate in the competition.


Competition Overview:

Hackathon is a short-time event (limited to days) that focuses on problem-solving and quick-thinking skills. During the hackathon participants typically form teams and engage in intensive collaboration over a short period of time to complete a project that is of interest to them. Due to their versatility as means to develop innovative ideas, add features to existing software, foster learning, tackle civic and environmental issues, and build new or expand existing communities they have been adopted by various domains such as entrepreneurship.


Why to Participate in Competition?

While hackathons are a great way for everyone to meet and collaborate with others in their field of expertise, there’s also a competitive side. Hackathons challenge attendees to exhibit their ability to innovate and create compelling, real-world solutions, utilizing the latest devices and technology. One of the biggest benefits of attending a hackathon is learning new skills and obtaining new knowledge.

They’re also are a great chance to meet people who are just as excited about programming as you are. They can lead to great product creations, interviews, and even new jobs! If you thrive on creativity, memorabilia, and cash prizes then hackathons are worth checking out.


  1. Should be a Nepali Citizen;
  2. Students’ undergraduate running or recently completed.
  3. Ability to demonstrate creativity and teamwork

Common ground rules:

  • Team formation: 2-4 people (single participation is allowed)
  • Cannot use old or ongoing projects for the hackathon
  • Use of self-created APIs, designs are allowed
  • Should not copy projects or ideas
  • Re-submission is not allowed
  • 5-10 min of project demo time

Other Rules:

  • Competitors will also have rights or have written permission from the owner for all software demonstrated in the competition.
  • All design elements, code, hardware builds, etc. for your project must be created during the event. While you may not begin coding in advance, you can plan and discuss with your team in advance.
  • Teams that make it to the final round will be given up to three minutes to present their finished project to a panel of judges.
  • Teams must stop hacking once the time is up. However, teams are allowed to debug and make small fixes to their programs after time is up. e.g. If during demoing your hack you find a bug that breaks your application and the fix is only a few lines of code, it’s okay to fix that. Making large changes or adding new features is not allowed.


The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of Rs.10, 000 along with a hamper from Genese.

Registration Deadline:

March 19, 2021 by 7:00 pm (Nepal Standard Time)

The registration for this workshop has been closed this year. We encourage you to explore and register for other workshops & case studies at Skill Week 2021.