Calligraphy Workshop: An Art of Handwriting

Why take Calligraphy workshop?

  • There’s joy in creating something beautiful, stylish, sometimes majestic, letters using the art form from the trained movement of the hand that’s calligraphy are particularly special.
  • In our tech-overloaded lives, more and more people are realizing the benefit of picking up a pen again. It will guide you to understand the tools needed for beautiful calligraphic writing.
  • This workshop will guide you, step-by-step, the strokes to practice, and the scripts to produce providing a well-rounded proficiency in this beautiful art form.


Course Overview:

This introductory course includes a definition of calligraphy, specifically in terms of how it is used in the West. You’ll explore the differences between both modern and classical calligraphy. You’re also supplied with a glossary of terms that you will come across during the rest of the course and throughout your career as a calligrapher. In this workshop you’ll learn and practice basic lettering by completing a series of basic writing exercises. This workshop is for anyone interested in the art or handwriting. You don’t need any previous experience.

To take part in this course you will need a basic set of suitable pen for calligraphy, and paper.

With the foundations laid, you’ll move on to how to get started. Beginning with the basics, you’ll learn what you need to make your first strokes. You’ll discover the best way to hold the pen and why it is necessary to grip it in such a manner. There are also tips for left-handed calligraphers, and solutions to the typical problems that newcomers face. Foundational hand is an important style to have as part of your calligraphy repertoire. You’ll learn the basics of the construction of the letters in this style – moving from the easiest lettering to the most complex.

Skills You’ll Learn:

Writing Skills


Designing Skills

Date: 22nd March, 2021

Time: 5:30PM- 7:30PM

Venue: Online via ZOOM

Workshop By: Callijatra

The registration for this workshop has been closed this year. We encourage you to explore and register for other workshops & case studies at Skill Week 2021.